Which is Better: Blend or Juice

Is your kitchen full of health items? If you have a juicer, you may have a blender as well. Which one do you use to make your nutritional drinks? Do you know which methods is most ideal for gaining the proper nutrition such as vitamins and minerals? One thing is for certain, you know that getting it directly from the source is key to getting the most nutrients and vitamins. What is the source? Pure and raw fruits and veggies are what you need to be eating in order to get what your body needs. But how can you take in the required allotment of fruits and veggies without spending all your time consuming them? The easy answer lies in either juicing or blending. Do you know what the difference is between the two methods? Is there even a difference between juicing and blending? There sure is a difference between …

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The lowdown on pensions

For most of you, your pension might be at the back of your mind because it seems like a lifetime away. However, as recent press attention has showed us, putting money towards our post-retirement fund is incredibly important. It is never too early to start planning for your pension.

But with this in mind, people put off planning their pension because they are unaware of the options available to them. Here, True Potential Investor explain the options:

Attitudes towards the UK pensions:

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), there has been a drop in people contributing to their pensions. Figures show 50% of people didn’t contribute to their pension in 2014/15 — up from 38% in 2010/11. This stagnation is largely attributed to rising living costs and unemployment.

2016 has seen a shift in attitudes and, according to True Potential Investor, there was a drop in the amount …

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