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How to Measure Business Blogging Effectiveness

Posted by Larry Levenson, August 11, 2014

Measuring your business blogging effectiveness can be a great way to identify ways to improve its performance. If the primary goal of your business blog is to generate leads, for example, you’ll want to gauge how well it’s generating leads today and discover which articles and  specific tactics are particularly working toward achieving that goal.

Once you can identify the key factors that make your blog successful, you can incorporate more of those tactics into future blog posts to improve your blog’s overall performance. Here’s what  you should be measuring.

1. Blog traffic and referral sources

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4 Small Business Marketing Ideas I Learned From Lifestyle Blogs

Posted by Brianna Kinsley, June 12, 2014

large_8846668990Every blog comes in a different flavor. When I first started reading blogs I wasn't looking for marketing news or business tips. I was mostly reading articles about DIY home decor, traveling, and fashion. Yet, the women responsible for these blogs are the ones who gave me my first taste of some basics behind inbound marketing.

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50 Sales and Social Business Quotes to Hang on Your Wall

Posted by Larry Levenson, May 26, 2014

LinkedIn's Sr. Social Marketing Manager Koka Sexton has curated 50 quotes related to sales, social media and social business. It's worth taking a few minutes to go through them -- and then maybe add a couple of your favorites to your wall or bulletin board, or whatever to keep you inspired.

Three of my friends made this quote list: Jon Ferrara (CEO of Nimble), Chris Brogan (publisher of Owner Magazine) and John Jantsch (Founder of Duct Tape Marketing), Nice job, guys!

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Take Control with a 2014 Marketing Calendar

Posted by Liz Levenson, May 15, 2014

researchDo you often feel scattered? Maybe your desk looks like mine has in the past. Yellow post it notes stuck to my computer screen, various pieces of paper with various to-dos in various places...

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5 Reasons to Blog at Least Twice a Week to Build a Channel Partner Program

Posted by Larry Levenson, May 6, 2014

blog-twice-weekly-for-channel-partnersRegular and consistent blogging is critical to scaling your lead generation and building your channel partner program. It's not enough to post occasionally – consistency is the key to reaching your goals of generating more qualified traffic, channel partner leads, and new reseller partners for your business.

Here are the 5 key reasons you need to blog at least twice a week to build a successful channel partner program.

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Grammar - the Most Basic of Basic Blogging Practices

Posted by Beth Levenson, April 30, 2014

judges_panelLast week I had the honor and privilege of being a community panelist to critique 3 graduating high school seniors’ work at a local charter school. Northpoint uses an expeditionary learning model that challenges students to think critically and to take an active role in the community as well as the classroom. They invite community members to critique seniors' "Passage Portfolios," a requirement for graduation.

One of the elements I always emphasize in my critique is grammar. Most of these students are college-bound, so writing well is something they need to pay careful attention to. As content marketers, we also need to pay careful attention to how we say it, as well as what we say. It is forgivable to miss a minor typo when you proofed your blog post, but a poorly written rant, with missing punctuation, run-on sentences, and gross misspellings is not so easily forgiven.

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Website Typography for Inbound Marketing

Posted by Larry Levenson, April 29, 2014

beautiful-website-typographyWith the advent of CSS3 and web fonts now, any typefaces can theoretically be used online and customized to your heart’s content. For designers it has brought many print design capabilities to the web and for brands it enables them to create a consistent experience through type. 

Dev7 Studios says there are three broad rules of typography: make it legible, make it readable, and make it beautiful. “Legible” and “readable” aren’t too hard for me, but that third rule, “make it beautiful” … well, that one definitely doesn't come easy to me. I am a techie, I'm not an artist. My idea of a good way to make an image is to use Powerpoint. I just don't have a eye for “beautiful.”

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4 Broken (or Non-Existent) Structures That Destroy Website Marketing

Posted by Liz Levenson, February 28, 2014

The foundations can make or break all your website marketing effortsBrian Halligan, co-founder and CEO at HubSpot, has said that if inbound marketing was easy, everyone would be doing it. As those of us who tread into the murky waters know, inbound marketing success can be an enigma wrapped in a mystery and tied up with a big question mark. So what is it that's holding us back while others are wildly successful? The answer could be in a few simple structures that are broken in many businesses in the technology industry.

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Should I Build Inbound Links Using Article Directories? (No)

Posted by Larry Levenson, February 10, 2014

building-inbound-linksI recently had a client wanting to know why we didn't use article directories to gather incoming links for her website. Several years ago, this was an accepted way of building "authority" on the web, based on the assumption that if people found and liked your article on an article directory site, they'd add it to their own site and you'd get the value of the links with SEO text that you added into the "bio box" at the bottom of the article,

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How to Write a Blog Post in an Hour

Posted by Liz Levenson, January 20, 2014

Over the last year or so, I've read quite a few blog posts about how long people spend writing blog posts. Some of the numbers are mind blowing. Some people spend an average of 7-9 hours per post, and sometimes that's even before the they take time to decide on a title.

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