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8 Common Misconceptions of Inbound Marketing

Posted by Liz Levenson, August 21, 2013

What we think vs reality Inbound Marketing posterMyth 1 - Inbound Marketing is just another term for SEO

Another common misconception is that it's another term for content marketing. Inbound marketing involves both SEO and content marketing, but it's also about analytics, social media, a great website, and effective lead nurturing. It's a "big picture" kind of thing.

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Proving ROI: Is Inbound Marketing Like a Roll of the Die?

Posted by Melissa Monahan, August 19, 2013

risks-loss-profitIf there's anything that's top of mind from a business owner's perspective, it's "what's it going to cost - and, what's the ROI?" Naturally, one would only embark on an endeavor if the odds were in their favor - with a payoff on the plus side of the equation. Even so, when it comes to inbound marketing and the lofty claims of a much higher than average ROI, any smart person would do their due dilligence and research the evidence to support this enticing end-result.

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Can Passion Increase Your Web Marketing Effectiveness?

Posted by Melissa Monahan, January 11, 2013

passionAre your marketing efforts running dry or stale? Lacking the passion, zeal and results of your earlier start-up days? When an entrepreneur starts a new company, he or she does so with a great deal of passion... Belief in the product, vision and goals create an atmosphere where everyone seems to be on the same page. Marketing has a high priority and the effects are felt throughout the whole company. But, for many, the tables have turned. More often than not,  there's a frustration, and maybe even more accurately, a deep dissatisfaction with the lack of a measurable ROI when it comes to traditional marketing. You spend tons of money on what used to work and now, despite your greatest efforts, you see little to no return and certainly nothing you can measure. Now, the ripple effect of this impacts everyone in a negative way. If this sounds familiar, and your well seems to be running dry, hang in there; I've got some good advice and some good news as well.

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3 Steps to Calculating Inbound Marketing ROI

Posted by Larry Levenson, July 12, 2012

Marketers often balk at calculating return-on-investment (ROI). .. maybe because it has been so difficult to do in the past. Maybe because they simply don't want to be accountable to their clients for an ROI.

inbound marketing ROI
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