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19 SEO On-Page Ranking Factors for Every Web Page and Blog Post

Posted by Larry Levenson, September 26, 2014

SearchIt seems that every week I get asked, "What about SEO? Do you do SEO? What do I need to pay attention to about SEO? What are the on-page ranking factors that still make a difference?"

Search engine optimization (SEO) has changed a LOT in the past 18 months, and in many ways has gotten easier. Keywords and keyword phrases, by themselves, are no longer reported by Google. Instead groups of related keywords or keyword phrases are important. 

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Don't Get Left Behind: Use Google Plus In Your Business

Posted by Brianna Kinsley, June 5, 2014

large_13803606083It says something about the size, value, and prestige of Google when people started saying "just Google it" in reference to performing a general internet search. The company has created countless online tools that millions of people happily use everyday. However, the creation of Google + has brought about mixed feelings, especially for business owners. 

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Why the HubSpot SEO Tool Needs to Be Your New Best Friend

Posted by Liz Levenson, March 5, 2014

seosignpostIf you're a marketer and have struggled with properly utilizing your keywords and on-page SEO to optimize your blog posts (and other web pages), you're not alone. As inbound marketers, we're expected to know everything there is to know about the ever-changing SEO requirements and best practices.

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Link Building for Dummies: What You Need to Know to Get Inbound Links

Posted by Ashley Williamson, September 16, 2013

baby-bloggerEven the least savvy of blog owners know that a link from another website to their own will drive some referral traffic, and that one well-placed link can be the difference between having one visitor and one thousand visitors. Yet too few know about the other benefits that inbound links can bring: namely how much cultivated links affect your search rankings. If you want to get as many visitors as possible to your website, you need to work on the two main ways of finding a website: referral and search. Links are key to both, but how do you create them, and in the right way? If you are completely clueless as to what link building means, here is a ‘Link building for dummies’ introductory guide to highlight some of the best practices in link building, and how to avoid falling foul of obvious traps.

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How to Make Search Engines Happy

Posted by Larry Levenson, June 5, 2013

It's important to make the search engines happy. Search engine optimization for small businesses, or any size business, can dramatically increase your website traffic.

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How to Boost SEO with Free Tools

Posted by Larry Levenson, May 29, 2013

how-to-boost-seo-with-free-toolsWe often get asked how to boost SEO with no budget, so I thought it would make sense to blog about this. There are several really good free tools available to help small companies boost their SEO and explore what their competition is doing.

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How Consumers are Using Local Search

Posted by Larry Levenson, March 7, 2013

how consumers use local search3Searching the web for local businesses ("local search"), business information, and reviews has become a daily -- or multiple times a day -- activity for consumers. Is your company ready for this? Learn how consumers are using local search and improve your online marketing.

Local search is not only pervasive and growing, but also changing in ways that are important for consumers, businesses and the search industry. With smartphones and tablets in hand, consumers are using mobile devices to search at work and school, on the go, and even while watching TV.

4 in 10 people use local search once a day, and 66% of people use local search at least 3-4 times per week.

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An Effective Long Tail Keyword Strategy

Posted by Larry Levenson, February 4, 2013

effective long tail keyword strategyCreating an effective long tail keyword strategy is easy -- you just need to find the words that people are actually typing into the search engines to find websites like yours.

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Boost Search Engine Rankings with Google Authorship Program

Posted by Larry Levenson, January 30, 2013

Google AuthorshipThe last time you searched Google for something, did you wonder why certain results have a thumbnail-sized picture of the content's author? Here's how you can boost your search engine rankings with the Google authorship program.

Through Google Authorship, Google allows you to associate the content you've published with your Google+ profile, pulling your profile image and other information into the search engine results for the content you author.

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75 Inbound Marketing Statistics You Need to Know

Posted by Larry Levenson, January 21, 2013

inbound marketing statisticsKeep the following 75 inbound marketing statistics handy as you create content and do your SEO in 2013. If you like some of these stats, please tweet them!

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