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Take Control with a 2014 Marketing Calendar

Posted by Liz Levenson, May 15, 2014

researchDo you often feel scattered? Maybe your desk looks like mine has in the past. Yellow post it notes stuck to my computer screen, various pieces of paper with various to-dos in various places...

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10 Ways to Power-up GMail Search

Posted by Larry Levenson, May 14, 2014

gmailYesterday I was talking with a client who was having problems finding an email in his corporate GMail account. I suggested a quick search by label and sender, and the right email popped up. This got me to thinking about various searches that speed up finding thins in Gmail – so I'm happy to share 10 searches that will save you time and frustration when searching your Gmail for that quick message you got 3 weeks ago.

Using keywords in the search box

Entering keywords is the way 99% of searches happen, but it works a little differently from what you might expect. Searching for a single keywords will return every message containing that keyword  not so helpful. Luckily, more specific searches are available.

While using keywords will return any emails that have any of the keywords in the, using keywords wrapped in quotes will only return exact matches to your search (capitalization is not considered).  So searching for "delta airlines" in quotes returns exactly what I'm looking for.


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14 Incredible Websites to Make Your Marketing Job Easier

Posted by Liz Levenson, May 7, 2014

Mark_hates_his_boss_jokesEvery day, I come across dozens of websites that have fun, interesting, educational, or inspiring content, but very rarely do I land on websites that are actualy useful. Sure, there are plenty of informational blog posts out there and I see plenty of those, but I'm talking about what the website itself does, not just the information it contains.

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Samsung Chromebook: Great Tool for Inbound Marketing

Posted by Larry Levenson, January 9, 2014

I bought a Samsung Chromebook for $180 at the beginning of December to see if it would be a good tool for inbound marketers. My assessment: YES!! Particularly if you're already a Google Apps user.

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6 Steps You Must Take to Secure Your Data in 2014

Posted by Larry Levenson, December 24, 2013

locksWhether you know it or not, your data is under attack. Do you use Gmail, or, or another web-based email service? Don't you think hackers are trying to beat down the doors to that service right now? Do you use any cloud-based services? How about surfing the internet? Do you use social media?

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A Simpler, More Strategic Social Media Publishing Tool

Posted by Larry Levenson, November 27, 2013

There's a brand new way to schedule and publish social with messages with HubSpot. In fact, there are many new features in the Social Publishing tool to help you customize, organize and optimize your messages like never before. 

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20 Marketing Tips, Trick and Hacks

Posted by Larry Levenson, October 31, 2013

marketing-hacks-calendarHubSpot invited us to contribute to a special calendar that is available today, a whole month's worth of marketing tip, tricks and hacks. 20 agencies contributed their favorites "hacks" and Hubpot pulled it all together into a single calendar, with a juicy marketing tip for every day of November. Be sure to download your FREE copy!

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How to Boost SEO with Free Tools

Posted by Larry Levenson, May 29, 2013

how-to-boost-seo-with-free-toolsWe often get asked how to boost SEO with no budget, so I thought it would make sense to blog about this. There are several really good free tools available to help small companies boost their SEO and explore what their competition is doing.

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How to Increase Website Traffic with Interns

Posted by Larry Levenson, March 20, 2013

interns can increase website trafficI bet you need help with your marketing. Another set of hands would make a huge difference, wouldn't it? Why not use interns to increase website traffic? You might even find one that can do other wonderful things.

Once you find an intern that you like, teach them about your industry and your company. Have them read your blog and all the major blogs in your industry.

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The Demise of Google Reader - I'll miss you!

Posted by Larry Levenson, March 15, 2013

Google Reader is being retired on July 1st. The speculation is that Google Reader usage has declined due to Google+, and the company decided now is the time to re-focus their software teams. For anyone interested, Brian Shih, former Google Reader Product Manager, talks about the shutdown of Google Reader on Quora.

demise of google reader
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