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Content Marketing is Ruining the Web

Posted by Larry Levenson, August 19, 2014

Content-marketers-brand-messageIn a recent post, JR Hennessy, a Sydney-based writer for The Guardian blog, wrote that "Content marketing is ruining the web. Its decline will be poetic justice."

He continues: "The blight of search engine optimisation (SEO) and content optimising, the toxic fuel which propels the commercial internet forward, needs to be eradicated for mankind to reach its true spiritual potential. I should know – I do it."

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How to Find and Get the Most Out of LinkedIn Groups

Posted by Wayne Breitbarth, August 18, 2014

As I mentioned the past few weeks, I have compiled a list titled The 15 Reasons Why LinkedIn Isn’t Helping You Hit Your Sales Quota.

This week I’ll address another one of the reasons you might be failing to achieve your goals on LinkedIn — and this applies to everyone, whether you’re in sales or not. If you’re not selling a product or service, you’re selling yourself or your company/organization.

Reminder: If you haven’t checked out the first video in my FREE three-video series “Explode Your Revenues Using LinkedIn,” click here to check it out — and download your own “15 Reasons Why LinkedIn Isn’t Helping You Hit Your Sales Quota” tip sheet.

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Why You Need Google+ in Your B2B Marketing Strategy [Infographic]

Posted by Megan Ritter, August 13, 2014

In the works for over 3 years, the Google+ platform is now one of the most popular social networks of many marketers and social network users, which may come to a surprise to those who thought it would end up like its former social offerings (remember Google Buzz and Orkut?). However, as it turns out, Google Plus has one of the most clean, modern interfaces to date, and it offers many unique features. With the ability to store and edit images without having to use any other apps, there are several reasons as to why B2B marketers should be incorporating Google Plus into their strategy, both on a personal branding level, as well as an organization.

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Duct Tape Selling: Change Your Context, Change Your Results

Posted by Larry Levenson, August 12, 2014

john-jantsch-1"Duct Tape Selling", the newest book from my friend John Jantsch, is out . . . and you MUST read it! The art of selling has evolved tremendously over the last few years. Today’s hectic pace demands that sales professionals rethink their strategies and practices. They must attract, teach, convert, serve, and measure while developing an individual brand that stands for trust and expertise.

The book is designed to show you how to reframe your own thinking and practices for selling in today's digital world. You need to start thinking of yourself as a guide in the customer's buying process rather than an information source, research data point, transaction catalyst, or whatever trendy term you use to describe your work.

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How to Measure Business Blogging Effectiveness

Posted by Larry Levenson, August 11, 2014

Measuring your business blogging effectiveness can be a great way to identify ways to improve its performance. If the primary goal of your business blog is to generate leads, for example, you’ll want to gauge how well it’s generating leads today and discover which articles and  specific tactics are particularly working toward achieving that goal.

Once you can identify the key factors that make your blog successful, you can incorporate more of those tactics into future blog posts to improve your blog’s overall performance. Here’s what  you should be measuring.

1. Blog traffic and referral sources

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Your Customers' Credit Cards are Getting a Chip

Posted by Larry Levenson, August 4, 2014

The good folks at Square have written a great blog post about the upcoming changes in all credit/debit cards in the U.S. All of our banks are adding something called EMV technology, which stands for “Europay, MasterCard, and Visa.” Translation: Credit cards will be equipped with a super-small computer chip that’s extremely hard to counterfeit. If you’ve gotten a card recently, chances are it’s souped up with this technology.

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Event Marketing with Traditional and Digital Marketing Tactics

Posted by Larry Levenson, August 4, 2014

people-enjoying-conferenceA company executive proudly told me that they "don't do any of that digital marketing stuff." He was certain that the traditional marketing they were doing was working well for them. And it probably was.

I asked him, "Do you have a website?"
"Of course," he replied. "Every company has a website."

"Does you website talk about the products and services you offer?"
"Sure." he replied.

"Well, then, you already have a good toe-hold into digital marketing," I said.

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Can Cold Calls Be Part of an Inbound Marketing Strategy?

Posted by Larry Levenson, July 31, 2014

cold-callingIs cold calling dead? That’s what you hear. No one likes making cold calls. No one likes receiving cold calls. The Internet and email has replaced the telephone. Cold calling is old-fashioned. It’s not cool. It doesn’t work. Or does it?

As recently as 2007 (a mere 7 years ago) a research report by Mike Schultz of concluded that, "Cold calling is second only to referrals as the number one lead generation tactic."

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Don't Make This BIG LinkedIn Mistake!

Posted by Larry Levenson, July 22, 2014

wayne-linkedin-photoSeveral times a week I get an email from someone on LinkedIn that simply says, "I'd like to connect with you on LinkedIn." In every instance, this is a message from someone I don't know, and contains no reason why I might want to connect with them.

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18 Lead Nurturing Stats Every Marketer Must Know

Posted by Larry Levenson, July 21, 2014

lead-nurturing-stats-for-marketersBy and large, marketers have mastered acquiring high-quality leads, but they strike out when it comes to nurturing them. Despite having the ability to contact 92 percent of leads, Forbes’ research shows that brands touch base with only a quarter of them.

In order to be an effective marketer, you'll need to continue talking to, sharing content with, and engaging those leads who may be stuck in the middle of your funnel -- caught between their first conversion and a sales call.

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