Caracas Banker And Miami Money Launderer By Wayne Madsen

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If he cannot find a job that pays beneath the desk or borrow the money from a member of the family or buddy then he could have to show himself in and do the allotted jail time in lieu of fines. I’ve known a number of individuals who simply can’t afford to pay the fines so they provide their ‘pound of flesh’ so to talk. Typically that’s the only choice.

The time you have been advised ($500 tremendous and 12 months in jail) are almost certainly the utmost fines for this cost for a first occurrence in your state. Additionally it is almost certainly a FELONY and that my buddy is one thing you do not need in your record!! A felony is in your report for a lifetime, some states are now making in a position to have some felonies expunged after 5 years, but why take the chance!!

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