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It simply so happened that I had gone back to the States for my semi-annual leave and didn’t hear concerning the accident till I returned. I used to be not surprised as I had remarked the primary time I visited the club that it regarded like a fireplace waiting to happen. Building codes and inspections in Africa will not be precisely up to the identical degree as these within the US or Europe. It is not unusual to see overhead wires hanging the place people and vehicles can come into contact.

Just a few days later, I walked up the steps of the Ministers Building and entered the convention room, a place I had been several instances before. Across the large desk were 5 men. I didn’t recognize any of them however Taakor was always a giant target at MAFFS anyway. I’m certain some were from the Ministry of Commerce and Business as effectively.

In the absence of an unbiased bookstore in Columbus, the conference and visitors’ bureau is wisely increasing the present store within one room of the previous rectory, the house in which the nice Mississippi playwright spent his early years. So, bonus!, you can tour the home, see nifty antiques and purchase books by and about not solely Williams but in addition Faulkner, Welty, and Mississippi classics akin to Juke Joint by Columbus’s own Birney Imes. Remember to call earlier than you come… finances concerns and workers modifications might have the bookstore shuttered but the house open for excursions. Ring and discover.

Towards the tip of 2013 the Bamboo Club, a popular night time spot in Limbe, burned down. The culprit was defective electrical wiring. Luckily the hearth began within the early morning after the club was empty and no one was injured or killed. I’m sure the fabric it was constructed with, bamboo, brought on the entire place to burn very quickly.

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