Concept Of Islamic Money Market

Existence of economic market permits the consumers and sellers to be brought together in a means where it aids them to switch possession of the financial instruments. Based mostly on the nature of its instruments, this monetary market might be divided to cash markets and capital markets. Mainly, capital market and money market are different within the time period of the liquidity of the securities or devices where the instruments in the capital market normally much less liquidate than the instrument within the money market. The securities within the money market are brief-time period instruments with unique maturity of less than one year, low threat and very liquid.

Capital market is the marketplace for long run funds, simply as the money market is the marketplace for brief time period funds. It refers to all the amenities and the institutional arrangements for borrowing and lending time period funds (medium-time period and lengthy-time period funds).it doesn’t deal in capital items however is concerned with the elevating of money capital for functions of funding.

In totality it may be mentioned that Indian Cash Market is comparatively under developed. In no case it may be in contrast with London Cash Market or New York Cash Market. There are number of factors accountable for it along with the above mentioned characteristics. For example, lack of continuous provide of bills, a developed acceptance market, commercial payments market, dealers in brief term assets and coordination between completely different sections of the money market.

Customer suggestions may be very essential for companies to enhance their merchandise and re-launch them. They will get this feedback only if they interact with customers via numerous media equivalent to Internet, telephone, newspaper columns, seminars and so forth. Suggestions is part of the research course of and needs to be carried out professionally to reap most benefit to your small business.

They acknowledged the central roles which low cost houses play in the open market operations of the central financial institution (central bank of Nigeria, 2004; Ezirim, 2005). From the inception discount homes in attaining their anticipated goals might be made. For his or her research, they were notably curious about analyzing the operations of low cost housed to show their relationship with the efficiency of the money market and all the economic system. They employed estimation and evaluation of regression fashions in their investigation covering the interval of 1993 to 2004, involving the 5 discount homes in Nigeria at the time.

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