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Very like formatting, totally different retailers have different necessities in the case of the scale of the cover, so I do two variations of each cover, a 600×900 version and a 200×300 version. Make sure you label the cover with the scale while you save it, or you’ll use the incorrect one nearly every time, which is frustrating, especially whenever you’re learning as you go.

TIP: Pirate Hunter ships are not only max degree but they solely sail if you do. In case you cease your ship and let go of the wheel, they’re going to cease too. You can then swim over to them and kill every man on board. Swim again and assault them just as soon as with any weapon to permit your crew to take the ship. You may still have to blow some powder kegs and destroy their flag to make it official. At the max wanted stage, you can simply get all the ships you want even it’s not very exciting doing it this way. Just make sure you play it secure and let go of the wheel before you get within 500m so those pirate hunters haven’t picked a struggle but.

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