Why Get a PayPal Credit Card Reader?

Business that are not yet taking credit cards as a form of payment need to start today. The loss of business that you are suffering in today’s plastic minded economy will more than compensate when you bear one. And if you are presently taking credit cards through a standalone terminal, then you are essentially being charged with exorbitant fees for the terminal – when you could be completing that transaction whenever and wherever you are.

There is a lot that you need to know about “point of sale” (POS) or “point of purchase (POP) systems that you can choose from. These are very affordable and easy to use. It can accept payments and process sales but it can do more than that because it comes with many time-saving features which include inventory management, staff management, marketing tools, customer data gathering, task automation, and other capabilities that make it easier to run and grow your business.

Mobile payments are very appealing to businesses today because it makes it simple to accept payment anywhere. With mobile payments there is no longer a need to hook an apparatus to a terminal and restrict your point of sale to a specifically defined area.

One of the easiest ways to assume a more flexible method of accepting payment via your point of sale is through Pay pal. With PayPal, your business goes wherever you go.

By purchasing any of PayPal’s two mobile card readers that is powered by the PayPal Here app., you can, in minutes, start to accept credit and debit magnetic card swipes. Its mobility is so profound that with the use of the audio jack of your smartphone, you can simply connect your card reader to it, and there you have it already. Or, if you opt to get the other more robust model, where you can still bring it in and out of your store, street festivals or events, since it is much smaller than a regular Smartphone by proportion. Pairing these devices via Bluetooth is possible with this unit.

Upon downloading the PayPal app to your phone and attaching the card reader unto it, you are ready to take all kinds of credit and debit card payment.

It is possible to choose from different types which makes it really neat and cool. You can opt for the smaller one with less than fifteen dollar investment or opt for the less than fifteen hundred dollars to get then one that has a leading edge. Compared to the bulky standalone card readers, this PayPal card reader is a relatively cheap investment. To add to this, both models are small enough to fit in your pocket.

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