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Oblivious turns to incredulous when the driver lays on the horn while cussing and screaming at the pedestrian who simply notched one other victory on his belt. Generally the victor even rubs it in a bit of by dismissing the motive force’s complaint with a wave of the hand. He knows the lazy driver is just not coming after him. in reply to clouda9 YEP, hubby is correct. You BETcha the Playing cards are within the playoffs again and this city is FIRED up! Homer’s real title was Abdul, but he was nicknamed Homer by the King of Jui” as a result of he regarded like Homer Simpson, and it caught.

He then used his grip, probably hardened from numerous missions scaling buildings stealing secret paperwork for the government, and consequently slamming his fists in opposition to the heads of these attempting to stop his clandestine affairs, and grabbed the side of the outside wall. It was at this level where one specific sizzling and muggy day I witnessed the reality of the problems and struggles in Freetown. It was a small incident in the grand scheme of everyday life and was a few those who have been fixing, not creating, a problem. I used to be shaking my head.

Did you see Yadi hit his 2nd Grand Slam this week? I’ve been watching the Cardinals (and the Cubs) every single day all season (acquired that ‘TV baseball package 🙂 and have so loved my baseball viewing this summer season. Soon – like in three weeks – I will be able to be near my Cardinals as soon as once more – am transferring to St. Louis!

In the air, the flight turned nice enough considering the abominable snowman was having his manner below. There was a brief one hour of confined relaxation that ended abruptly as the flight closed in on Chicago. We had been slotted into the dreaded holding sample above ‘Hare, left circling an airport below siege from a large white out. Naturally no one knows why the nationwide power went off within the first place, what the continual downside is or when it’d come again on. As soon as that does happen, if ever, who’s meter will likely be disconnected? I believe we’ll discover out, and one other warfare will start.