The NFL season kicked off Thursday at Sports Authority Discipline, dwelling of the Denver Broncos. The stadium is only one of 36 which have obtained a total of $3.2 billion in tax breaks since 2000.

It seems they are specializing in the proper stuff, ‘eliminating poverty, historical past/art,and so forth. Hope this extends across country. Took a ‘rabbits view’ of the parlor and it is pretty neat; however I’m glad we do not have to have funerals at dwelling anymore (I wonder if some people nonetheless do), wouldn’t like that. Voted/rated.

i have just needed to depart my job immediately – i used to be compelled out by a bullying boss who believed gossip about me. Different co-employees would gossip concerning the boss and enterprise within the shop where i worked, unfortunatley the gossip acquired again to the boss who determined i used to be responsible (the co-staff blamed me) although i may prove i wasn’t there – the boss would not hear and went off at a tangent and began speaking about something else. I made a decision that working for a boss who wouldn’t listen and with co-employees who ‘did the soiled on me’ was not good for my health and properly being.

It is my rivalry that Apartheid in South Arica has morphed into Technological Bullying apartheid that makes social media a farce and unworkable for Africans of South Africa. I’ll utilize statistics to make my level that the character of social media which is Apartheidized is a follow-via of grand Old Apartheid and its demise within the social arena, to being resuscitated within the social media and Web Knowledge Sphere that’s of concern here.

I feel Rushkoff nailed it, and the enterprise mannequin he’s talking of, is part of the censorship and blocking that I have addressed above and it’s these that ensures the buyers of Fb to gain extra for their returns, while we the customers are made more poor and gaining nothing, as Fb was designed to do so: Maximize earnings for its investors, and the customers get nothing/zero.