There’s truly a textbook definition of ‘bullsht,’ and professors agree Donald Trump is a master of the art.

I received a Sallie Mae loan info within the mail the other day for my daughter. I nonetheless have it put aside to look over for her. I will likely be throwing it away now. We attempt to assist her find scholarships. We all the time work on FASFA along with her, and now we will be looking at loans with her. I obtained the outdated Stafford Loan at 8%, which was good back then. I had the financial division at the school help me. You are obviously a more recent graduate, so I believe a hub on how the loans are good or dangerous or deceptive can be so helpful.

One purpose we predict there’s a connection between money and evil is that people who have money are sometimes obsessive about greed, and greed can result in many evil things. For some individuals, cash turns into an finish in itself. Money must be seen as simply a tool. Cash is a means to an end. Bear in mind the old joke, Whoever dies with the most stuff, wins.” Do not play that sport.

Also, they’ll let you know that you are fats. I used to be 5′ 5” and weighed around one hundred thirty pounds – not fats for an American, but definitely fatter than most Chinese. They usually let me find out about it often. Lastly, I realized to deal with this piece of data as in the event that they had been telling me I had brown hair. Fat” does not appear to have the identical destructive connotations to the Chinese as it does in the West.

I am lost in a high pressure job where I’ve no coaching, or certainly no curiosity to develop. Office life makes me miserable. I have no confidence to represent my department in meetings and regret accepting this job. I don’t sleep, my girlfriend is sick of my distress however I really feel trapped as a result of it is taken me ages to socially fit in and achieve success!