You may be wondering if it’s a worthwhile endeavor. A great place to start and you can find brand new collector’s coins for under $50. Being affordable is just the beginning. Here’s why collecting coins is definitely worth it.

  • While there’s much to be learned about the practice of coin collecting, there’s also a world of information to learn from the coins themselves. Studying coins, their provenance and background, often involves history, culture and politics. Simply learning about who or what is featured on a particular coin and why is a wonderful trip through time and is a glimpse into other societies.
  • Many coin collectors consider themselves to be modern day treasure hunters. Depending on what you value in a coin – be it beauty, rarity or something else altogether – the search for that elusive perfect addition to your collection can take on epic proportions. Many coin collectors love the thrill of the chase and trying to obtain a particular coin for a fraction of its worth.
  • Coins are one of those rare commodities that, if you decide you no longer wish to collect, you can almost always get your investment back when you sell. This is because coins tend to increase in value over time, especially gold and silver coins. The value of the metal alone increases, making an investment in coins a smart one.
  • Because coins are such a solid investment, it makes them perfect for handing down to future generations as an inheritance. Parents often purchase sets of newly minted coins, looking for those coins to increase in value over time. Paper and metal currency may eventually disappear altogether, making any currency you hold onto now even more valuable.
  • While the younger set might view a relatively quiet activity such as coin collecting as dull or boring, that same quiet is relaxing and a great way to relieve stress. Many coin collectors find browsing through their collection and the act of seeking out additions to their collection to be thoroughly rewarding. Whether you’re looking for an investment.