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How Software Companies Can Measure Inbound Marketing ROI

Posted by Larry Levenson, May 20, 2014

marketing-metricsThere are hundreds of possible inbound marketing metrics to choose from, and almost all of them provide some measure of value. These include SEO rankings, inbound links, number of articles published, content downloads, reach (e.g. Twitter followers, Facebook fans, LinkedIn followers, blog subscribers), comments, retweets, Likes, shares, clicks, traffic, leads… and many more.

The problem is that most of these relate only loosely to the metrics that concern the CFO, CEO, and your board of directors. Of course, it’s okay to track some of these metrics within your department if they help you make better marketing decisions, but be careful about measuring activity instead of results. When it’s hard to measure business outcomes, marketers use metrics that stand in for those numbers: activity not results, quantity not quality, efficiency not effectiveness.

Five business metrics to measure inbound marketing ROI and success

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Marketing Analytics vs. Web Analytics

Posted by Larry Levenson, December 31, 2013

web-analytics-vs-marketing-analyticsMeasuring marketing effectiveness has always been a challenge. According to the Unica State of Marketing 2013 report, nearly 60% of respondents listed “measurement, analysis and learning” as their top IT bottleneck, whereas last year, they overwhelmingly viewed “IT support of marketing needs” at the top. Additionally, more than 60% identified “turning data into action” as their top organizational issue. 

But when marketers hear the work 'analytics', we think of metrics associated with web analytrics like traffic, page views, time-on-page, etc. As marketers, we really need much richer and actionable data to understand the performance of our marketing campaigns.

What are marketing analytics?

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How Much Website Traffic and Leads Should Your Site Get?

Posted by Larry Levenson, June 17, 2013

what-gets-measured-gets-managedWe often speak with marketers who ask how many visitors and leads their site should be getting. The answer depends on several variables including size of company, industry, and the type of product or service you sell.

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SMART Goals for Inbound Marketing Success

Posted by Larry Levenson, May 24, 2013

SMART is a mnemonic guide to use when you're setting goals for inbound marketing. The letters remind us to make sure our goals are specificd, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. According to Wikipedia, the first known use of the term was in the November 1981 issue of Management Review by Gorge Doran.

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Tracking the Success of Your Social Media Plan

Posted by Larry Levenson, April 15, 2013

tracking success your social media planAccording to The CMO Survey, in the next 5 years, marketers expect to spend 19.5% of their budgets on social media, almost three times more than the current level.

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Using Inbound Marketing Analytics to Generate New Blog Topics

Posted by Larry Levenson, April 10, 2013

inbound marketing analyticsI view content creation as this insatiable monster. He's a friendly monster, who forgives me where I don't blog for a day. . . but he's a monster that can "eat" any amount of content I can create.

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75 Inbound Marketing Statistics You Need to Know

Posted by Larry Levenson, January 21, 2013

inbound marketing statisticsKeep the following 75 inbound marketing statistics handy as you create content and do your SEO in 2013. If you like some of these stats, please tweet them!

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Your Internet Marketing ROI is Good as Gold

Posted by Melissa Monahan, June 29, 2012

Investments, if done strategically, with purpose and intention, can yield some pretty attractive returns. Of course, your internet marketing ROI (Return on Investment) is no different...

Traditional marketing techniques are beginning to feel a bit more like fool's gold these days. Promising big returns, there's often little one can do to gauge its effectiveness, let alone see an attractive ROI. However, we have now what's been termed "inbound marketing" and in stark contrast, comes with the ability to analyze, track and really guage its effect and, like real gold, comes with a virtually guaranteed  ROI.

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Inbound Marketing Analytics vs Website Analytics

Posted by Larry Levenson, April 12, 2012

website analyticsAnalytics can be an extremely powerful tool for the marketer, especially in a time when marketing is held more accountable than ever before. However, there seems to be some confusion around the difference between inbound marketing analytics and website analytics. Meghan Anderson sheds some light on this topic in her article, "Marketing Anlytics vs. Website Analytics" on

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College Improving Website Traffic and Growing Student Conversions with Inbound Marketing

Posted by Larry Levenson, March 26, 2012

Fresno Pacific University is an accredited Christian university located in the Central Valley, California. Founded in 1944, Fresno offers leading academic programs for both undergraduate and graduate students.

improving website traffic
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