Trump’s Missing Cash

There is a third clarification for the missing $63m. The top-of-June FEC report signifies that Trump had lent his campaign $50m. Although Trump promised to forgive this mortgage, NBC news reported that he never filed the papers to actually do that. Perhaps Trump repaid himself from the $63m, leaving little money for ads and subject workers.

Along with Nassau, Helliwell’s Castle Bank operated out of the Cayman Islands and Panama. Among the many bank’s account holders had been the Pritzker family of Chicago, which owns the Hyatt Hotel chain, and the daughter of President Chiang Kai-shek of Taiwan. Between 1964 and 1975, Helliwell’s main CIA front company, Sea Provide Corporation, ran covert military operations against Cuba from Andros Island, the biggest island within the Bahamas.

This amount of fiat cash is so vast, that only the world’s prime monetary institutions could handle it. The curious burial of this staggering story is the smoking gun that september 11 was accomplished by the worldwide cash masters. (For some reason, our hidden rulers needed greater than their ordinary levy on the world economy?) The numerous connections to Israelis is the smoking gun that Israelis are the preferred safety pressure for the money masters.

Great news!Joseph got here back at about1:30 AM final evening. I was down within the dumps considering he obtained lost, however he came in like nothing ever happened and I could not be happier. Looking again, I was fairly emotional about the entire thing considering he hadn’t been gone for 24 hours, but with the brand new surroundings…I should have recognized better. He is a prowler. I am sure he was just getting a handle on the neighbourhood. Now that he has come again, I’m not at all apprehensive about him roaming around. He is aware of what he is doing.Anyway, I just wanted to say thnks for the information and the support. It really helped.

When touring in some States, in case you are pulled over the officer will confiscate your license until the fines are paid, they provide you a slip of paper with your license number on it as well as your title for ID purposes. (I know this as a result of my Mother acquired pulled over several instances coming from Michigan to Missouri – the problem ended up being her speedometer so the last officer didn’t write her a ticket).

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