Donald Trump is pushing to ban Muslims from getting into the U.S. however the Republican presidential candidate is reportedly making hundreds of thousands from business offers in international locations the place Islam is the principle religion.

I’m suddenly struck by a real concern that I’m horribly unprepared for this. I think it might be honest to say that nearly everyone seems to be, together with the people who suppose they’re, but that makes it more unnerving, not less so. We’ve taken steps as a family – growing our own food, shopping for Green Wizardry, weatherizing our home, studying some useful skills, constructing community and so forth – but boy, I did not expect it to come so immediately. Obviously I’m assuming worst-case scenario here, however the damage a full pandemic may do is difficult to ponder.

Don, the individuals I know who’ve health care training insist that the media is overgeneralizing, and someone infected with Ebola will change into infectious as soon because the viral load will get to a certain stage – which is around the time, however not similar to the moment, that apparent signs occur. As for the Hajj, that’s acquired chills working down my spine; I am unable to consider a simpler mechanism to transmit the virus to individuals from all around the globe, and then ship them dwelling to infect others.

Money doesn’t create jobs. Individuals create jobs. In the long run, a devaluing forex loses belief and jobs, and way more. Individuals will discover various, even semi-sound currencies, to substitute for his or her failing fiats. One such substitute, of current notice, however arguably with no intrinsic worth itself, is Bitcoin. It has a high utilitarian worth, however.

The dour mood on here is getting to me so I’m going to brighten up your days. I finally managed to get by to my friends. 14 of them are now preparing their FEMA recommended emergency kits. This Sunday, I’ll be meeting with the matron of a wiccan group here in Madison, one among my associates is introducing me. I’m hoping to achieve out to the rest of the neo-pagans in the space by her and relay the Druid’s warning. In two weeks I will be assembly with the pastor of a associates church to discuss emergency management plans, and get his congregation educated and ready.

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