In 1975, along with his colleague Paul Allen, Bill Gates founded a computer company called Microsoft. The operating system they created, Windows, is now the most widely used operating systems in the world. With a total of $ 75.9 billion, Bill Gates is currently the richest man on earth. What are the actual habits of a Bill Gates so that he can be such a successful and wealthy person now?

Many read books

Bill Gates is known as a “book enthusiast”. In an interview with Forbes, Bill Gates’s father explained that since childhood, Bill has read all the books that interest him, ranging from encyclopedias to science fiction. “He read a lot of books, like his mother. I have to make a rule: Do not bring books at dinner! “Until now, Bill was still reading. You can see what books he read and he recommends on his blog.

Get enough sleep

Had become the leader of one of the largest companies in the world, Bill Gates clearly has a lot of busyness. But in the midst of busyness, it turns out he always maintained the habit to sleep for seven hours every night. “It’s great to be up all night. But to release the creativity, I need to sleep for seven hours, “said Bill told The Seattle Times.

Keep innovating

Although it has achieved success with Microsoft, but Bill said that he always enjoys when working on new problems. “When I feel I have succeeded in something, I am always careful not to get too excited in pleasure. In the business that I live, there will always be new problems to be solved, “explained Bill.

Close to family

Bill once compared himself with his other friends, and he felt that he was the closest to the family. “My parents are very nice,” Bill said in an interview. According to Bill, he has even built a special house where he can gather with his family at the weekend. Bill also took the time to make a special writing and video on his personal blog, to welcome his father’s birthday.


Bill told me that he had seen some companies that became his clients suddenly went bankrupt. “From that moment on, I had the thought of saving money in the bank for the salary I received in one year, so I could survive even if I did not get the income,” said Bill.

However, his thrifty attitude did not prevent him from sharing with others. Together with his wife, Melinda, he often donates his money to social programs in various countries.