5 Investment Ideas for 2021 - Entrepreneurship Life

It’s the year 2021. Don’t make the same mistakes you made in 2020. Be committed to making investments that’ll help you expand your wealth instead of keeping it in a bank.

Although saving can be a really good thing as you’ll have cash whenever you want it, it will not expand your financial capacity as the economy is not very favorable. Therefore, consider legal investment options. Check Collected.Reviews for information about wealth management companies you can trust.

Five investment options you should consider includes,

1.     Equity crowdfunding

Even if you own your business already, consider equity crowdfunding. Various startup companies that do not have sufficient funding can sell shares on equity crowdfunding websites like Wefunder, AngelList, SeedInvest, and many more. Investing in these shares means you’re one of the owners of this company, and if the startup thrives, you’ll make your profit, but if it doesn’t, you’ll share in this and lose part of your money.

2.     Expand your own business

Instead of keeping your money in the bank, you can use it to expand your own business. As an entrepreneur, your business is still developing. Is there anything you need that can grow your business? If it is a physical location, is there anything you can invest in that’ll attract more customers to your business site? Are there skills you can invest in that’ll make your business grow better? Do you have a website or social media accounts for your business? All these are highly important forms of investment that’ll bring your larger returns in the long run.

3.     Real estate

Real estate is another way you can invest your money. You can buy a property and rent it out to tenants who will pay you according to any mutual agreements made. You can make a down payment if you don’t have all the money for real estate investment, and the bank will finance the additional cost. You’ll get a certain percentage of the income and even property appreciation.

4.     Invest in stocks

Stocks are the most common form of investment, and when you purchase stocks, you become part-owner of that company. This is different from equity commodity shares. Like all investment options, there are risks to investing in stocks. There are two kinds of stocks, namely the common stock and the preferred stock. With the common stock, you’ll get to share in the company’s profits or losses, while with the preferred stock, you’ll get dividend payments.

5.     Invest in gold

Gold is a sought-after commodity that thrives in the asset community; if you want to invest in gold, you can buy physical gold like coins, jewelry or bars, gold accounts, gold Exchange traded-funds, and invest in gold mining stocks indirectly. Gold is a tangible liquid asset and is highly sought after because it tends to yield a lot of profit.

In summary,  investment can be a good way of expanding your finances over time and a risk as you’re unsure what the market holds. With most investments, when profit is made, interests accumulate and yield a huge return.