Both novice and experienced traders benefit from real-time data analysis when they want to compare Forex brokers. The information available on a monthly-subscription basis from helps Forex traders accurately compare trading brokers. This information allows a Forex broker comparison, which is useful when selecting a new trading broker and to evaluate the stability of existing brokers that a Forex trader uses. Moreover, it gives insights about the reputation of the companies that are useful to monitor for Forex broker comparison.

Compare Forex Traders by Tracking Social Media

Trends in the mentions on social media are a helpful tool to use to compare Forex traders. An increase in social media mentions about a specific Forex trading company is an indication of the possible need to investigate further and to understand why the increased attention is happening.

Increased attention on social media could be a good thing or a bad thing. For example, rumors of a buyout or a merger of a Forex trading company might be a positive sign. If the Forex trading company that is being acquired is successful and building up an increased satisfied client base that is a positive event. However, a substantial increase in any negative mentions can be an early warning sign that a trading broker is getting into some kind of trouble. Under those circumstances, a merger or the sale of a trading company may be happening because the trading company is doing poorly.

Whether a change in social media activity is good news or bad news, it is important to Forex traders to stay on top of any substantial changes.

Forex traders appreciate the ability to quickly and easily understand the online reputation of a trading broker from the reports issued by because this helps them scan a report for significant changes without needing to spend the considerable amount of time necessary to do the detailed research that goes into making these reports.

Forex trading companies also are interested in having the information about their social media reputation summarized for them and presented in an easy-to-understand and useful way. They benefit by having reports about their social media mentions so that they can proactively manage their online reputation in order to build more positive brand awareness online.

Metrics Used to Compare Trading Brokers aggregates the following information and prepares reports on Forex trading brokers:

Comments:Mentions:Reviews:Engagement Rates:Sentiment Comparisons:

  • Comments: Positive and negative comments about trading brokers are cataloged.
  • Mentions: Percentage distributions are calculated about the mentions on social media about each trading broker.
  • Reviews: Positive and negative reviews about trading brokers are cataloged.
  • Engagement Rates: Engagement rates are calculated about each trading broker.
  • Sentiment Comparisons: Sentiment comparisons are made between the trading brokers.

These metrics are very useful to compare Forex brokers as an advance early warning system for problems and when conducting robust due diligence to choose which trading companies are best suited for a particular Forex investing strategy.

The information is collected and aggregated in real-time in order to always have the most current state of affairs regarding trading brokers of interest. Users can also request special reports on trading brokers that are not currently registered with the FXBrokerFeed system.


Choosing the best Forex Broker is made easier by having access to these real-time reviews and analysis. Having access to the real-time reviews provides a better understanding of the positive and negative aspects of specific trading brokers. offers a no-obligation, 7-day free trial for those wanting to try the system. Trading brokers who are interested in being listed should contact FXBrokerFeed for more information.