Investing in health insurance is like adding a couple of more years to our lives. As the insurance plans cover all kinds of medical expenses and make your life stress-free. Oriental Health Insurance is one such name, which offers cashless benefits for all your in and out of hospitalization expenses.

You get to choose the health Insurance plan online of your choice browsing through a variety of plans for your choice online.  If you want to buy your health insurance on your mobile phone, you can download the app from the app store and start browsing through it just like the way you go through the website.

Purchasing Oriental Health Insurance from the website has a number of benefits. You get to renew your policy online, contact customer care instantly, file your grievances, claim forms, and intimations instantly. Getting a quote for the Health Insurance policy is easier and you get the quotes in seconds.

How to buy health Insurance from Oriental Insurance

 Getting a quote for your health insurance plan is easy through the website and through the app. You have to go to the website and select products from the navigation bar. The product tab lists all kinds of insurance policies. Select Health Insurance policy and then choose online products on websites like Coverfox. This site will navigate you through all the health products available online. Click on buy now for the policy of your choice.

There are four tabs asking for different types of information. The first tab lists the insurance details such as Date of birth, gender, PAN number, a photograph of the person, who wants to be insured. On the same tab, you will have to select the type of policy, sum assured, Nominee details, start and end date. After filling all the details, you will have to agree to the terms and conditions and switch to premium calculation tab to see the premiums you have to pay for the plan you are enrolling. The third tab will ask you to fill in some details about yourself and about the person; you are trying to enroll to the plans.  The last tab is the payment tab. You can use Master Card, Visa, Net banking and another acceptable form of payment options to start the plan and pay for your premiums.

Once you enroll in the insurance plans, you will get an email confirmation, text confirmation. Additionally, for more assurance, you might need to call the customer care and confirm your plan.

Benefits of buying health Insurance from Oriental Insurance

If you are planning to buy your health Insurance from Oriental Insurance, you should be now ready to enjoy all the benefits the plans offer.

Discounts on Premiums – Generally, according to the coverages, your insurance premium varies. The good thing about the Oriental Health Insurance premium is that you get attractive discounts every year when you renew your plan, making your life easier.

Coverages offered – Most of the health insurance plans cover inpatient hospitalization expenses such as room rent, boarding, nursing, Surgery related expenses, medical practitioner’s fees, Medicines etc.

Cashless treatment – For all your planned and unplanned medical expenses, you will not have to worry anymore. The Oriental health insurance plans offer cashless treatment in network hospitals spread across India.

Tax Benefits – According to the government of India, if you have opted for health insurance plans for yourself and your family, under section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961, you get tax saving options on the premium paid every year.

Variety of plans – The Health insurance offers a range of plans to choose for the users. Before taking the decision on the coverages, the provider has taken the requirements of its customers into account.  The plans are offered for different age groups meeting their needs.

Convenient enrolment and renewal – Users can enroll in the plans online filling all the details in minutes.  An email confirmation will be sent to the user’s personal account. As the health insurance plan’s term does not last lifelong, you have to renew it on a yearly basis. Along with the enrolment to the plan, you can also renew the same online.

Oriental Health insurance plan not only offers you all the coverages related to the medical expenses, it also offers you convenience for enrolling in the plan online. No insurer could ask for more from an insurance plan. Therefore it is advisable to opt for the plans.