Ceramic is one of the essential materials in home decoration both from interior and exterior. Please be aware that almost every small or large building is already familiar with this material. Although it is already widely used in every building, it does not mean that ceramic becomes a boring main choice. With the selection of patterns, types, and creativity in combination with interior and exterior design will give the added value of its own aesthetics.

For those of you who are looking for a minimalist tile reference home floor, it’s good to know in advance tips on how to choose a quality home ceramic floor with an interesting motif. In choosing the tiles we must also be able to distinguish and do the exact placement where the tiles to be used on the terrace, kitchen tiles, tile family rooms as well as bathroom tiles. This is because each space has a different function and tile mounting effect.

Mosaic Ceramic floor

The classic floor tile Motif really will never die. Small checkered motifs with abstract colors will further make your home feel more classic and less prominent. This floor tile is commonly used for outdoor space and bathroom as it can give a rough or anti-slippery effect when exposed to water.

Monochromatic Ceramic floor

 Tile Flooring If You are tired of classic tile motifs, you can combine them with solid, black and white or monochromatic colors. The advantage of this motif tile is that you can create a floor tile with a chess board pattern such as chess pieces. The monochrome ceramic floor effect can jazz up any room that looks empty. Choice of furniture with white or solid color will also bring out the monochrome impression in your residence.

Geometrical Ceramic floor

Give The modern artistic impression of your residence through tiled floors with geometric motifs. You can use tiled floors with geometric motifs directly or in a nice box shape, eight squares, even flat floors. This pattern arrangement and geometric motif is guaranteed to make your dream home floor more anti-mainstream!

Wooden Floor

This design will give the impression of the house with a warm and natural atmosphere for your home, especially if it is installed in the bedroom room. For the hardwood floor to be resistant to scratches and not porous, apply special wood coatings.

Parquet Ceramic Floor

 This parquet ceramic looks more charming and modern than a wooden ceramic design that is more natural impression. The floor material is more refined, but the colours and motives are also varied.

Clay ceramic floor or clay Battalion is easily formed because it mimics the design of hardwood floors. This material is also suitable to be applied in many exposed rooms of water such as bathrooms. In addition to giving a cool, and natural, clay or brick ceramic material is easy to clean than other ceramic materials.

Hopefully the above information can help in choosing a ceramic floor model for a minimalist house of your dreams.