Are you thinking about opening a company in Singapore? Need to set up a company in Singapore? If yes then it is essential to known about the requirements of the arrangement which you need to hold on to work and succeed in your business. To help you via the process, we have given a complete guide on how to start the 新加坡公司注 process.

When it comes to beginning a business in Singapore, the most famous method of registering a business is to set up a private limited responsibility company. It is because most of the limited companies in Singapore are regarded as the separate legal entities. So all your shareholders must receive a defense from any prospective debts which are earned outside the capital amount they are causative. This kind of Singapore company structure really is the most professional tax arrangement which you can gain from. According to the act of Singapore companies, you must be 18 years old to register a company in Singapore. If you are qualified and have made enough preparations to begin, then make use of the below given steps to start up the business:

  • Double check your documents
  • To succeed in business registration in Singapore, you need to prepare the following company information for submission process:
  • The company name you choose must be approved for us
  • In order to quality you need a bare minimum of one local director in Singapore. The resident director can be either a permanent neighborhood or a Singapore citizen. But your resident director must be 18 years old and not have criminal records.
  • If you have private company which has up to 20 shareholders with no company name can benefit interest in your shares. Then you business is considered as an excepted private company.
  • You need to appoint an experienced and qualified secretary within 6 months
  • To register your business address you can use either residential as well as commercial address. If you need propose to conduct business on a smaller scale with your residential address, you need to apply for the Home Office Scheme.
  • Establish your ground work
  • Make a company name reservation

Thus the above are the things to do before to start up the business in Singapore. A1 Business provides some useful tips to beginners on how to register their business.

Why should set up a business in Singapore

The Singapore offers one of the most efficient corporate and personal taxes in the world. It is the home to top companied across all the industries due to its location. If you need to set up a business you want to obey with its certain needs. A1 business registration Singapore provides fast and efficient services of registering and incorporating a company in Singapore. There are many reasons to set a Singapore company such as huge tax benefits, biggest financial hub, plenty of market, pro business environment, strong legal framework and many others.