Being able to write beautifully with a flawless flow is a special gift that you can actually earn from. Why not capitalize on this unique advantage?

The EASIEST Ways To Earn Extra Cash Online…

Below are handwriting work from home jobs that are absolutely amazing and will help you to benefit from your great penmanship. 

Create and Sell Fonts

This is an easy way to make money with handriting jobs by doing a job once. Start by making lovely unusual fonts that standout to offer up for sale. 

You can upload and post your font designs on websites like Etsy, Envato Elements, My Fonts, Creative Fabrica, and many other platforms. This is an excellent way to earn a passive income even while sleeping. 

Write and Sell Art

Many customers enjoy purchasing fine wall art that contains motivational or inspirational quotes. This is often seen in homes and they are framed and hung in different locations such as the living room, bedroom, home office or in your own little office or cubicle space at work. Places to sell your pieces include Etsy, Amazon and eBay

Design and Sell Logos

With your artistic pen strokes, you can make thousands of business logos for people who are in need of something unusual. 

A unique handwritten design can make the smallest business brand stand out such as a company signature-style logo. After all, one of the first things a customer will remember is a company logo. Just think of the golden arches of the M of McDoanlds. 

You can offer your services on freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Upwork or craft platforms like Etsy.

Sell Calligraphy

With your online handwriting skills you can become a specialist within your field and become a calligrapher. The calligraphy pen and ink combined on paper create perfect lettering. 

This can be done from your home where you can write invitations, envelopes and personalized letters. 

Another great option would be to also share your skill by offering short courses in calligraphy writing. 

Make Personalized Wedding Stationery

Working hand in hand with your calligraphy skills is branching into the lucrative wedding business. Couples often hire calligraphers to handwrite their invitations, menus and seating place cards. It’s a great way to make money from your beautiful cursive lettering from the comfort of your home.

Become a Graphologist

You may not have thought about this one but you could study and become a graphologist. 

This involves using someone’s writing to determine their character traits. It is also a method of determining the authenticity of a contract, qualification, signatures and other documents. 

Companies hire people to analyze writings from others for jury screening, recruiting and behavioral assessments. This is a highly skilled and technical job that you can do independently.

Become a Mail Hand Writer

This is perhaps one of the simplest ways to earn a stream of income from your handwriting. Some businesses hire people to handwrite letters in clear print that have already been composed. 

Although not as popular as it once was you can add it as an additional service along with writing personalized notes such as Thank You, Congratulations and Get Well cards. 

Sell Handwritten Certificates

There are so many certificate templates available and making your own and then offering it for sale is another lucrative way of earning cash with your handwriting. 

Hundreds of thousands of certificates are issued every year to different individuals and institutions are constantly looking for the right template. You could design as many certificates as you like with your own fonts included. Why not try this as a new gift giving side hustle?

Teach Cursive Handwriting

Many people find cursive writing to be very beautiful but not many are able to write it themselves. If this interests you then how about signing up to the platform Outschool to teach online. 

Not many schools are offering this wonderful skill to students but many students out there are interested and seeking help. 

You can also create your own online course and set it up for sale on the learning platform Udemy or on the selling platform Gumroad.

Print on Demand

This method is an excellent way to use your handwriting on a variety of products that you can sell. Create fun slogans, inspiring quotes, and positive affirmations that can be printed on T-shirts, mugs, caps. hoodies, pillows and much more. 

Some print on demand companies even have items such as baby clothes, shower curtains, comforters and mats that you can add your very owned designed font to.

This is a great passive income earner that once you’ve created the digital fonts and added to the products all you have to do is look out for the payment when customers purchase your products.

You can do this on platforms like Redbubble, Printify, Printful, TeePublic, and so many more.

Final Thoughts

As the art of handwriting is used less frequently the artistry of it has become more exclusive and specialized. This means you can demand top dollar for your handwriting skills if you’ve got great handwriting. 


I hope one of these ideas will get you started so that you can create one of the best work from home handwriting businesses out there.

Being able to write beautifully can earn you money online from home. Check the best 10 ways to earn money with online handwriting jobs.