Did you know that Texas is the second-largest and the second-most populated state in the US? Texas also contains three of the top ten most populated cities, and Austin seems to be on everyone’s best-of list. Because there are so many people in Texas looking for remote work, and because I’m a Texas gal myself, it only makes sense to have a list of the best work-from-home jobs in Texas!

You may be wondering why remote jobs even have location-based requirements. The reasons why vary greatly but often revolve around location-based training, state employment laws, and taxation issues.

Looking For a Work-at-Home Job in Texas? This List Has You Covered.

ACD Direct

ACD Direct hires independent contractors from all states except California, Delaware, Massachusetts, Louisiana, West Virginia, Wyoming, Vermont, and South Dakota to provide customer service and support via phone and live web chat. There is a one-time fee of $19.99 for a criminal background check. Before you can begin work for ACD Direct, you’ll need to complete new agent certification, which is $20 and will be deducted from your check.


Amazon hires remote workers from all over the world to perform a wide variety of tasks. One of the most common positions is that of the customer service representative. Pay and hours are dependent on location, education, skills, and services performed.

American Express

American Express hires virtual employees in all states except Alaska and Hawaii. Open positions include customer service, sales, fraud specialists, account managers, travel consultants, and more. American Express is an equal opportunity employer that offers employees a wide variety of benefits, competitive pay, and bonus opportunities.


AnywhereWorks hires remote employees from Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, and Virginia. Positions they hire for include account managers, recruiters, support specialists, client experience associates, bilingual call agents, and many more. Benefits are available after 60 days of employment.


Apple hires at-home advisors all across the US for customer service, sales, and management. These positions (even part-time) come with paid training, benefits, product discounts, and PTO.

Back Office Betties

Back Office Betties hires full- and part-time legal intake specialists from Florida, Texas, Nevada, and Arizona. Positions come with benefits, and they accept beginners in these roles.


Belay hires independent contractors from all states except California, Montana, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania for the roles of executive assistant, bookkeeper, social media manager, and website specialist. To qualify for these positions, you must have prior experience and the availability to work at least 20 hours per week.


Boldly hires remote W2 employees from 48 different states, including Texas. Positions include executive assistants, bilingual executive assistants, marketing assistants, and legal assistants. Must have at least seven years of experience in your related field and be available to work 20 hours per week. Positions come with benefits like PTO and competitive pay (starting at $24 per hour).


Cambly hires native English speakers from all states except California to converse with individuals who want to practice their conversational English skills. When you tutor adults, you’ll earn $10.20 per hour, and when you tutor children, you’ll earn $12.00 per hour. These positions allow you to work whenever you want, and they don’t require any experience.

Connections Academy by Pearson

Connections Academy hires teachers, social workers, speech pathologists, school counselors, and other occupations in Texas. Part- and full-time positions are available, and they offer various benefits and competitive pay.


Contenrix hires work-at-home sales, service, and tech support reps from all over Texas. While you’ll need to provide your own equipment, they do offer paid training and benefits like health insurance and a 401K.


CVS hires remote employees in all 50 states! Positions include occupations like social work, nursing, customer service, business operations, billing, internships, and lots more. They have both full- and part-time hours and benefits for full-time staff.


The Austin-based company, Dell, hires a wide variety of remote workers from all over the world. Most positions are full-time and come with extensive benefits. When searching their career portal, use the keyword “remote” to locate the work-from-home positions.

DVM Elite

DVM Elite hires full-time and part-time remote workers from AZ, CA, FL, GA, IL, MI, NC, PA, SC, TX, and WI for sales, client advocates, and marketing account managers.


Fiserv hires remote workers for business consultants, sales, customer service, and more. Most positions are full-time and come with a wide variety of benefits.


Intelemark hires independent contractors from across the US for B2B appointment setting, lead generation, and sales. Full- and part-time hours are available with base pay and bonuses. Expats are welcome to apply.


Intuit hires home-based workers across the US for bookkeeping, digital sales, tax associates, payroll, marketing, and more. When searching for jobs on their website, use the search terms “remote” or “work from home”.


LawnStarter is an Austin-based company that hires individuals in Texas for remote customer support, sales, marketing, and provider support. They have both part- and full-time positions and full-time workers receive employee equity and competitive health, dental, and vision coverage.


Liveops hires independent contractors from 35 states, including Texas, for inbound sales, customer service,  insurance claims, insurance sales, tech support, roadside assistance, food order takers, payroll support, and healthcare. To get started, you’ll need to pay a fee for a criminal background and credit check.


NexRep hires independent contractors from 33 states, including Texas, for inbound and outbound sales and customer service. Some positions are available 24/7, and others have availability seven days a week from 9 AM – 11 PM.

Omaha Steaks

Omaha Steaks hires seasonal inbound sales reps in Nebraska, South Dakota, Iowa, and Texas. To locate these positions on their website, click “work at home” under the area of interest.


If you want to make extra income, REV hires freelance transcribers, captioners, and translators from all around the world. Freelancers are paid weekly via PayPal, and pay rates are listed on their website. They also have corporate remote roles for individuals based in San Francisco and Austin.


Salesforce hires remote workers from all over the world, including Texas, for a wide variety of positions like sales, marketing, customer support, tech and IT, as well as finance, legal, HR, and real estate. When searching their website for work-at-home positions, select your state and the remote option.


SAP hires individuals from all around the globe for the following types of roles: HR specialists, payroll consultants, marketing, sales, business consultants, and many more. To locate the work-at-home jobs on their website, search for the keyword “virtual” or “hybrid” if you’re okay with going into the office occasionally.

Sitel Group

Sitel Group hires work-at-home associates all over Texas to assist customers with billing questions, account or product support, orders, scheduling, or tech support. Positions come with paid training, benefits, and the opportunity to work full- or part-time.

Sutherland Global

Sutherland Global hires remote workers from all across the US for customer service reps, technical support, sales, and financial. In these roles, you’re working as a W2 employee, and you receive paid training and employee benefits. When searching for positions on their website, use the keyword “remote”.


Starry hires full-time and part-time remote customer support reps from New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Washington DC, Tennessee, Florida, South Carolina, Kansas, Colorado, California, Washington, and of course, Texas. These jobs come with a wide array of benefits.

Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix hires part-time virtual stylists in all states except CA, CO, CT, IL, MA, ME, MT, NJ, NY, NV, OR, PA, RI, VT, WA, AK, and HI. They also have full-time professional roles that are available nationwide; you can explore those here.


Stride hires certified teachers in Texas to instruct students virtually on a wide variety of subjects. Part-time positions are for independent contractors. They also have corporate work-from-home job openings as well as positions for interns.


Stripe hires a wide variety of remote workers (customer service, sales, marketing, security, and more) from around the world. Full-time positions come with benefits like health coverage, 401K, paid vacation, and more.

Time Etc

Time Etc hires US-based freelance virtual assistants. You must have five years of experience and professional liability insurance. Starting pay rate is $13-$17 per hour.


TTEC hires home-based workers from across the US and Canada for customer service, sales, and tech support roles. In these roles, you’ll generally work 20-30 hours per week, training is paid, and you’ll receive competitive pay as well as tuition reimbursement, retirement savings, and employee rewards and discounts.


U-Haul hires remote sales and reservations agents across the US. Positions are part-time and include benefits like medical reimbursement, RX savings, dental and vision, and a 401K retirement plan. Use the keyword “remote” to locate the work-from-home positions.

UnitedHealth Group

UnitedHealth Group hires proposal writers, nurses, business consultants, clinical admin coordinators, data analysts, and many others. Positions are location-dependent for various cities in Texas. To locate the work-from-home positions on their website, use the keyword “telecommute”.


Williams-Sonoma hires remote customer service agents from The Colony, Texas (a suburb of Dallas). Positions are full-time and come with paid training, merchandise discounts, and the opportunity for overtime hours and pay.

Working Solutions

Working Solutions hires independent contractors from Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Plano, and San Antonio for a wide variety of remote positions like customer service, retail, sales, travel, and administrative work. Agents can earn between $12.60-$18.60 an hour based on the type of work.

World Travel Holdings

World Travel Holdings hires remote workers in Texas for customer service, sales, management, travel agents, and more. Positions include paid training, W2 employee status, benefits, and a company computer.


Xerox hires remote workers from around the globe for a wide variety of positions like customer care, tech support, data entry, QA, admin and business support, and more. Full-time jobs come with benefits.

Other Work-From-Home Jobs in Texas

If you’re still not finding what you’re searching for, you may want to check out FlexJobs. They’re a paid subscription site that hand-screens work-from-home jobs for legitimacy, but they also have jobs categorized by location and occupation. Their service saves you time by curating remote jobs in one convenient place.

As I find new work-from-home jobs in Texas, I’ll add them to this list.

Where in Texas do you live, and what sort of job are you looking for? Drop us a note; we’d love to hear from you!

Originally published October 1, 2019. Content updated December 2022.