A six-figure job can sound like the ultimate career when it comes to providing for your family. What’s even better is being able to work from home and make that type of money.

When it comes to inflation, the high cost of living in certain regions, and higher mortgage interest rates, you may be wondering how far a six-figure salary might even stretch.

In addition, many six-figure jobs will require an investment in your education, such as a degree or certification. 

How Much is Six Figures + Common Six-Figure Jobs.

How Much is Six Figures?

So exactly how much is six figures? A six-figure salary represents any six-digit number, ranging from $100,000 to $999,999. As you can see, this is a huge range which means all six-figure earners are not making the same amount nor living similar lifestyles as a result.

But for clarity, once you reach an income level of at least $100,000, you can call yourself a six-figure earner. Keep in mind this is gross income before taxes and expenses (if you’re self-employed since business owners can deduct certain expenses from their taxes). This means you’ll be earning at least $8,333 per month.

Speaking of taxes, you may not actually bring home 6-figures even if your gross income is $100,000 or more due to taxes. Each state has its own tax rates, which often increase based on your income level.

According to ADP’s Salary Paycheck Calculator